Bosna i Hercegovina

économie ::: ECONOMY

Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Agency of Privatization / Agencija za Privatizaciju u Federaciji Bosne i Hercegovine
FIPA  Foreign Invest Promotion Agency
Directorate for Privatization / Direkcija za Privatizaciju
Northeast  Regional Development Agency
Central BiH  Regional Development Agency
EBRD  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Agencija za Statistiku Bosne i Hercegovine / Statistical system in BiH
Banja Luka Stock Exchange
Republic of Srpska Insitute for Statistic


Parliamentary assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Council of Competition BiH
Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministarstvo Vanjskih Poslova
Department of European Integration
Delegation of the European Commission in BiH
EUSR  EU Special Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina
OHR  Office of The High Representative
Constitutional Court  Sluzbene stranice Ustavnog suda Bosne i Hercegovina
Office for Tracing Detained and Missing Persons
Office for Auditing of the Financial Operations of the Institutions of BiH
OSCE  Organization for Security and Co-opération
SFOR  Stabilisation Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina
SDA  Stranka Demokratske Akcije / Party of Democratic Action
HDZ-BIH  Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica Bosne I Hercegovine

Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Republika Srpska

The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tourism Agency  Official site of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Opcina Srebrenik  Oficijelna prezentacija
Sarajevo Tourism
Sarajevo Film Festival

Ambassade de France en Bosnie-Herzégovine
Travel places in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Lonely Planet


ONASA  Independent News Agency
Bosnia Post
EIN News
FENA news Federalna Novinska Agencija / Federal News Agency

Bosnian Institute
  Organizations and institutions
Conflits Revues  Srebrenica 1995: analyses croisées des enquêtes, Cultures & Conflits n°65
Univerzitet u Sarajevu / University of Sarajevo
University of Srpsko Sarajevo / University of Serb Sarajevo

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