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Hello from Baghdad  
I lived and worked in Baghdad from September to December, 2003. While there, I sent email updates back to friends and family to give them some perspective on the war in Iraq from an insider perspective. I've compiled the emails, pictures, and places here for posterity.
Nature Iraq was created to protect, restore, and preserve Iraq’s natural environment and the rich cultural heritage

Persian Leopard Conservation in Kurdistan
Hana Raza Conservation of Persian leopard
Story Map Terrorist Attacks
Inside Isis Inc: The journey of a barrel of oil
by Financial Times


Abuse of Iraqi Pows Gis Probed, CBS news, April 30, 2004
Saddam Interviews, CBS News
Baghdad Burning, Blog by Riverbend, UK literary price "Samuel Johnson Prize-BBC Four"
  Text of the Draft Iraqi Constitution (Translated by The Associated Press), BBC
European Parliament's Delegation
European Parliament's Delegation for relations with Iraq
Legislative train schedule, January 2018. European Parliament
European External Action Service (EEAS) - EU delegation office in Iraq
Press and information team of the Delegation to IRAQ - EU delegation office in Iraq
Iraqi Parliament Council - The Official Site


  Letters from Abbottabad: Bin Ladin Sidelined ?  03.05.2012, CTC-Combating Terrorism Center
  Iraq's Legacy of Terror: MASS GRAVES, 01.2004

  Putting Noncombatants at Risk: Saddam's Use of "Human Shields", 01.2003 (CIA)

  Saddam Hussein's Iraq, 09.1999

  Saddam Husayn's Prospects for Survival Over the Next Year, 09.1991 (CIA)

  Saddam Hussein's Iraq, 09.1999 

  Saddam Husayn's Prospects for Survival Over the Next Year, 09.1991 (CIA)

  Implications for Insurrection and Prospects for Saddam's Survival, 03.1991 (CIA)

  Political and Personality Handbook of Iraq, 01.1991 

  Environment in Iraq: UNEP Progress Report, October 2003, UNEP Geneva

  Desk Study on the Environment in Iraq, 24 April 2003, UNEP Geneva

  Iraq and Peace in the World (Full Report), 11.2003, EOS Gallup Europe

  The Statut of Nuclear inspections in Iraq, Mohamed El Baradei, Director General, 03.2003


  Rapport Deux meurtres pour un mensonge, par le journaliste Jean-Paul Mari, avec "Le Nouvel Observateur", RSF

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  The Baby or the Bathwater ? Terrorism, Responses and the Role of the Courts, by Robert McDougall, 09.2007

  The Report of the Committee (full version)

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The Economic Consequences of a War with Iraq by William D. Nordhaus, Yale University, 2002, Revised report

  Report of the Inquiry into the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of Dr David Kelly C.M.G. by Lord Hutton 28.01.04

The Soufan Group provides strategic security intelligence services to governments and multinational organizations


Reported civilian deaths resulting from the US-led military intervention in Iraq, source: Iraq Body count

  CRS Report of Congress: Iraq and Al Qaeda, 07.11. 2007

  Review of the Estimates for the Impact of the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks on New York Tax Revenues, GAO

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  Secret agreement on criminal matters, Statewatch analysis no 12, 08.2002


  Iraq Country Handbook, This handbook provides basic reference information on Iraq

The Osama Bin Laden File, Source: National Security Archive

TRAC - Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium : Takfir wal-Hijra-Terrorist Groups

No Fly list  Terrorist Security Administration

(ACJS) Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

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